About Us

School Premises

  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Large, bright hall for common use
  • Outdoor space
  • Completed risk assessment for Covid-19
  • See our full floor plan here

Why Choose Us?

Our curriculum is designed to help students develop their use of Greek language. It lays a strong foundation for them to understand their heritage and appreciate Greek history.

By exposing children to more than one language at an early age, we support them to strengthen their academic performance at all key stages at school, (Oxford University, 1997)

Frequently asked questions

Most children start school in September; however, you may request to discuss the start date. The school will advise you on which year group is bested suited for your child. This is based on their level and not their age group.
Students receive a school diploma when they complete an academic year. Those who undertake GCSE exams will receive their grades from the examination board and certificates awarded are recognised for application to higher education.
These are delivered depending on demand, to support to adults who would like to learn a new language. Additionally, older students may undertake an A Level in Greek Language.
Depending on demand, midweek lessons for adults and A Level students may be offered.
No, unfortunately we only offer Greek classes from September to July.

Our Expertise

Creative Learning
70% Complete (success)
Child-Friendly Facilities
100% Complete (success)
Learning Difficulties
40% Complete (success)
Cultural Sensitivity
100% Complete (success)
Certified Teachers
100% Complete (success)

Our Team

Our school team consists of young, energetic teachers who are qualified, DBS checked and include certified first aiders. We work together to plan each lesson according to the curriculum. This includes innovative teaching methods that are aimed at encouraging student engagement. We have also successfully delivered online synchronous lessons during the current pandemic, thereby improving the student experience and allowing continual learning support.